Chiropractor For Neck Pain After a Car Accident

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Why does the neck often get injured in a car accident?

Because the neck is located at the base of your skull, it bears the heavy weight of your head. Necks are flexible so that people can move the position of their head, but this also means that the neck is susceptible to injury. Car accidents often cause neck injuries that can have a variety of negative symptoms. According to United States National Institute of Health Statistics statistics, three out of every twenty people suffer from neck pain.

There are many reasons that a person could experience neck pain. However, direct injuries and accidents are some of the most common ones. Whiplash is when the neck and head are forced in a direction and then whipped back in the opposite direction. Many people suffer from whiplash injuries every year, and most cases are from car accidents. They affect the ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissues in the cervical spine area. Whiplash causes many unpleasant symptoms, including pain and stiffness. Severe whiplash also affects vertebrae, spinal discs, nerve roots, and more.

Sometimes, people experience whiplash symptoms right after the accident or in a few weeks. You shouldn’t just assume you aren’t injured because you feel fine after a car accident; shock and adrenaline can mask symptoms. Whiplash symptoms may manifest as mere discomfort or be painful enough to interfere with your daily life.

Whiplash symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Neck stiffness
  • Radiating pain
  • Tenderness
  • Reduced range-of-motion
  • Pain that worsens with moving
  • Numbness in the limbs
  • Chronic headaches and/or migraines

More serious whiplash injuries can cause:

  • Memory issues
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Poor sleep
  • Depression
  • Blurred vision
  • Irritability/mood swings

How does an accident victim get better from Whiplash without drugs?

Instead of masking symptoms like painkillers might, chiropractors are skilled at treating the root causes of neck pain. When you visit Wall Family Chiropractic, we will conduct a health exam to determine the cause of your pain and other symptoms. We will also ask about your health history to make the best treatment plan possible. Many people come to our clinic for treatment for whiplash and other car accident injuries. Treatment plans usually include a combination of massage therapy, chiropractic/spinal adjustments, specific exercises, nutrition plans, and more.

One of the main treatment methods that chiropractors use for neck pain is what are called adjustments. Your chiropractor will apply precise, gentle pressure to the neck using a specialized device or their hands. The goal of adjustments is to help the vertebrae in the neck go into their proper position again. Many patients experience improved range of motion and flexibility in addition to lessened tenderness, stiffness, and pain. People receive adjustments over multiple visits. They are done in combination with other treatments to promote full-body healing and wellness. We help patients experience relief from symptoms of whiplash and other causes of neck pain.

Chiropractors also do spinal decompression treatments. Spinal decompression consists of the chiropractor gently stretching the patient’s spine, which helps the discs go back into their natural position. When somebody is involved in a car accident, it often jolts the cervical spine out of its correct position. This causes all sorts of negative symptoms. Flexion-distraction force is used in spinal decompression to help treat symptoms of neck pain. It can also help your neck muscles grow stronger, working to stabilize your neck.

Massage therapy is another treatment for neck pain from car accidents. Massage is great at helping your whole body feel better by boosting blood circulation. It can reduce swelling and help your neck be in less pain. When you receive a massage to treat neck pain, the massage therapist will usually focus on your upper back and shoulder areas.

It may feel painful to be massaged in the injured area, but the gentle touch of massage can help relax your muscles. Promoting blood flow to the area can encourage it to heal faster and warm it up. People who get massages regularly may notice that their joints are more flexible. Flexibility is important in preventing injuries such as pulled muscles. Massage therapy may also improve the range of motion and posture. Another benefit of massage is that it can break up scar tissue and prevent it from forming. After your neck is injured, scar tissue could form and cause stiffness without treatment.

We know that massage therapy is especially beneficial when combined with other types of treatments, such as spinal decompression, exercises, and chiropractic adjustments. After adjustments, put the vertebrae back into their correct position, massage can help them stay in that position without tight tendons and muscles pulling the disc out of place again. The specific exercises your chiropractor instructs you to do can help strengthen your neck muscles and help your vertebrae retain the proper position.

Lastly, massage therapy is useful for relieving stress. People may forget that there aren’t just physical effects of being in a car accident. Involvement in a car accident can take a serious mental toll. After a crash, people have to deal with a variety of responsibilities, such as medical bills, car repairs, filing insurance claims, and much more. All of this stress can be a lot to handle. Car accidents can also cause psychological trauma, leading to stress, anxiety, and other symptoms. Massage therapy can help relieve tension in the body, which can lower stress levels, ease pain, and help patients relax.

What car accident chiropractor is located in the Parkland/Tacoma area?

After being in a car accident, you should get in touch with a chiropractor to make sure that you were not injured. Wall Family Chiropractic specializes in treating injuries that can cause neck pain. We have the experience needed to treat individuals suffering from whiplash. Don’t ignore neck pain and think there’s no treatment available. For neck pain after a car crash, reach out to our clinic so you can schedule an appointment. If you wait, your symptoms could get worse over time. For the best car accident chiropractor in Parkland, Wall Family Chiropractic is the name you can trust.


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